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We are Wendy and Jerry, a married couple living in New Jersey. I'm from the U.S. and Wendy is from Trinidad. We met 15 years ago when Wendy took care of my ailing mom. She did a great job, we fell in love and a little time thereafter got married. She is kind and generous, and a very spiritual person although she doesn't appear to be until you get to know her.  Since this site deals with a religious apparition / phenomenon I feel that it's interesting for you to know that Wendy is Christian and I am Jewish. 

The Story Of The Door

(As It Took Place In Our Home)

One morning about 10 years ago my wife (Wendy) was lying down in the bedroom, resting with her eyes closed. I (Jerry) was in a different room (my office) when Wendy felt a very light touch on her face. She opened her eyes expecting to see me, however I was still in my office. As she looked around she noticed for the first time an image in her closet door. She had lived in the house for five years (and I for 10 years) at the time and neither of us had ever noticed The Man (Jesus) In The Door, and we are very observant people. We do not think it was there until that day, and we have no idea how it got there. To us it looks like Jesus, based on Internet research of what he could have looked like according to The Shroud of Turin, The Jesus Photo, Sister Anna Ali’s contact with Jesus, and other renditions.  The image has been becoming more distinct over the past year and we now feel that it is important to share it with the world. Click on the comparison page links on the top left to see some of these comparisons.

Important Notes:

 - If you would like pictures of the door and/or close-up of the eyes that have been blessed by Dr. Philip Bonaparte, Pastor of the New Hope Church Of God, kindly make your request using one of the E-mail addresses below.

 -  The door and pictures of it should not be considered or used as an idol, but rather thought of as a means of contact by God and His demonstration that He is alive and well and watching over all of us.

 -  All pictures of the door are ©  2007  WCD-GSD  All Rights Reserved.

Going Public With This Apparition - Well we contacted a few local newspapers on 3/12/08 and The Trentonian ran a large article and picture on 3/13.  That afternoon CBS Eyewitness News from Philadelphia showed up and spent 1 hour interviewing us and taping - it went on their news at 4p and 6p that day.  They also sent it to affiliates around the country and it aired.  On Friday News 12 New Jersey was here and interviewed and taped us and that was on that day and the next.  Also, on Friday we were invited to be on "Fox and Friends" in New York on Sunday for a spot and we were on.  All very exciting.  A week or so later ABC Channel 6 Action News from Philadelphia was here and it aired that day and the next.

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Wendy & Jerry With The Door.

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